• Twelfth Night




    - In most English-speaking countries.



    - Either January 5th or January 6th, the night before Epiphany (the day when the three Wise Men visited the Infant Jesus, according to the Nativity Story)


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    - It is the end of the period between Christmas and Epiphany known as the Twelve Days of Christmas.
    (It took the three Wise Men twelve Days to find the Infant Jesus)

    - It is when people should remove Christmas decorations: In some countries, it is unlucky to leave Christmas decorations after Twelfth Night

    - It is a festival: People eat, drink and enjoy themselves.


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    - In English and French custom, the Twelfth-Cake was baked with a bean in it. And people who found it were designated King or Queen of the night's festivities.


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