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    When Eddie got home he was very nervous and couldn't stop thinking about the poor parakeet...

    During the night, Eddie could not sleep, each time he tried to fall asleep, nightmares about what happened earlier, woke him up.

    The next morning he decided he would ring Mrs. Vanbrugh to tell her what really happened because he felt guilty.

    So he called her and told her he might have hurt her parakeet.

    But she told him she had found Armand in the bathroom right after he left.

    She also added: ''But my neighbor's little dog ran away from the garden and he usually comes to me because I have biscuits. Sadly, I haven't seen him yet, did you happen to see him wandering around the house?''

    Mrs. Vanbrugh did not seem to understand that what Eddie hammered could be the little dog.

    Instead of suspecting Eddie she wishes him a good day. But Eddie knew he was not going to have a good day; he felt even more guilty.