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    He left the Lady and decided to come back home. When he arrived he wanted to smoke. He went to his garden and began to smoke. He also began to think : Where was the Lady's parakeet ?
    He thought again about his day. He hadn't seen the parkeet all day long.
    He kept thinking all the evening. He decided to go to bed. But he didn't sleep.
    Suddently, he knew : the parakeet was probably under the carpet !
    "Oh my God ! I have hammered him !"
    He finally fell asleep.

    The day after, Mrs VanBrugh called him.
    "-Hello Eddie ! How are you today ?
    -Good morning Mrs VanBrugh, I am a little bit tired.. Is your carpet perfect ?
    -Oh yes thank you !
    -No problem, by the way.... Have you found your parakeet ?
    -No.. I still don't know where he is.. I'm so sad and tired too.. Moreover I've lost my voice.
    -Why are you tired Madam? And what has happened to your voice ?
    -Let me explain : I kept on running the street of my neighbourghood and calling his sweet name.."

    Eddis didn't feel well : he had killed Armand !
    He said to himself : "Should I tell her or not ?"

    He went back to bed and definitely stopped smoking. Because he had killed the parakeet because he wanted to smoke.

    When he was asleep, the phone rang again : it was the Lady again. He knew the lady had discovered his crime !
    "-Armand is..
    -I know miss I am a bird-killer ! So sorry !
    -What are you talking about ? He's back !!
    -Really ?? It's wonderful news ! I'm so happy and relieved for you !
    -Me too thank you so much !"

    Eddie said to himself : But.. What was under the carpet ?

    Who knows ?

    The end